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St Nicholas Methodist Church has existed on the present site for over 150 years since it opened in 1867.

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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Witnesses to the Risen Christ


Station 4

Glory to you, O Christ:
by your death you have destroyed death

and by your resurrection you have brought life and immortality to light

Jesus appears to the Ten in the Upper Room  

The ones locked away in fear   

1  Upper room, the table bare

No bread, no wine now here to share.

We’ve heard the news, yet still we fear

No peace of mind, to dry our tears.

2 Then in an instance, light appeared.

Is it a trick that now has neared.

What ghost, what spectre see we now

Disturbing heart and mind, but how?

3 “What is your trouble, doubting minds

Look at my hands, my feet, here find

Reach out and touch, for it is I

No apparition here, no lie.”

4 His hands, his feet his broken side

We saw yet in our hearts denied,

How could the Lord from death be risen

“What food have you, no bread of heav’n?”

5 We gave, he ate and once again

He shared the word and made it plain.

All we had heard, seemed new to tell

How all things preached were planned as well.

6 “The suffering, the third day rise

Repentance sure, forgiveness wise

Were written for the world to know

And  you my witnesses will go.

7 Jerusalem’s where you will start

And then from there you will embark

As witnesses to human kind

Across the world to seek and find.

8 I now must to my Father go

That you a comforter may know,

One to strengthen to make things plain.

So wait just now and here remain.

Risen Lord, though we are afraid and our fears are real, speak peace to our hearts and breathe upon us the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Alleluia. Christ is risen 

He is risen indeed. Alleluia

© 2020 Liturgy by Rev’d Norman Wallwork - Verse and Artwork by  Rev’d Paul Collings

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