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St Nicholas Methodist Church has existed on the present site for over 150 years since it opened in 1867.

We are a friendly community of believers where all are welcomed. We help each other to worship God, and strive to live more like Christ in service beyond the walls of our church building.

Part of the
Exeter Coast and Country Circuit of the Methodist Church.

Thursday, 10 February 2022

Living close to Nature

Columbanus of the 6th century said  ‘If you wish to understand the Creator, first understand His creation.’ This appreciation of the creator and creation is not pantheism, which is a worshipping of the stones but an affirmation of the wonder of the One who made the stones. Not New Age extremes that substituted Mother Earth for Father God but love for, respect for the physical environment. In Celtic Spiritual terms it is seeing  the Cross in the context of Creation. That God in Christ redeems the whole created order. This was seen in the quiet care of all living things and a special affinity with animals that preceded Francis of Assissi.

The early Celtic Christians had a strong sense of place and knew the importance of the Land, of roots and identity. They spoke of thin places, holy ground. Many of the problem spots in our world are all about land, roots, identity, holy places.

We too can, by faith see the beauty of a sunset, the majesty of the ocean, the wonder of a newborn baby – God’s glorious creation is all around us. And we ourselves are part of that creation! Everything we can see, and everything we can’t see – it all came from God. For surely, as A B Simpson says,  “There are enough evidences of supreme skill in the structure of the human hand alone to prove the existence, intelligence and benevolence of God in the face of all the sophistry of infidelity.”

This is perhaps one of the reasons for Celtic spirituality being so popular. In a world of pending ecological disasters of over population, global warming, food shortages, pollution, Aids, traffic gridlock and industrial chaos, little wonder Celtic spirituality appeals. It is that which enables us to sing at the top of our voice and from the depth of our hearts …

Psalm 24

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof,

the world and all who dwell therein.

For He has founded it upon the seas

and established it upon the waters.

Who may ascend the hill of the LORD?

Who may stand in His holy place?

He who has clean hands and a pure heart,

who does not lift up his soul to an idolb

or swear deceitfully.

He will receive blessing from the LORD

and vindication from the God of his salvation.

Such is the generation of those who seek Him,

who seek Your face, O God of Jacob.

Lift up your heads, O gates!

Be lifted up, O ancient doors,

that the King of Glory may enter!

Who is this King of Glory?

The LORD strong and mighty,

the LORD mighty in battle.

Lift up your heads, O gates!

Be lifted up, O ancient doors,

that the King of Glory may enter!

Who is He, this King of Glory?

The LORD of Hosts—

He is the King of Glory.


Be O Lord,
a guiding star above me,
a smooth path below me,
a kindly shepherd behind me
and a bright flame before me;
today, tonight and forever. Amen.

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