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St Nicholas Methodist Church has existed on the present site for over 150 years since it opened in 1867.

We are a friendly community of believers where all are welcomed. We help each other to worship God, and strive to live more like Christ in service beyond the walls of our church building.

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Exeter Coast and Country Circuit of the Methodist Church.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

A Methodist Way of Life

Oratio (Respond)

After a third reading, it’s time to respond. Some like to record their thoughts by journaling because they know they are prone to forgetting what they have learned, even by the next day! We can respond in prayer too, which gives us the opportunity for a conversation with God.

One such reader of the word shares their journal in this way; “When reading Jeremiah, I journaled my wonderings. If God is so powerfully committed to keeping His covenant with me, why do I sometimes lack the commitment to stay close to God? Often the events of the day crowd in, and I don’t always make time to listen to God. I prayed that God would help me to prioritise spending time with Him.”

Responding to God’s word teaches us more than just the facts, it teaches us about the presence of the Holy Spirit and brings transformation to our faith as we grow in relationship with God and other believers.

Thomas Merton an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist, and scholar of comparative religion.  stresses that, “The true contemplative is not one who prepares his mind for a particular message that he wants or expects to hear, but is one who remains empty because he knows that he can never expect to anticipate the words that will transform his darkness into light. He does not even anticipate a special kind of transformation. He does not demand light instead of darkness. He waits on the Word of God in silence, and, when he is answered it is not so much by a word that bursts into his silence. It is by his silence itself, suddenly, inexplicably revealing itself to him as a word of great power, full of the voice of God.

Psalm 25:5 says “Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.”

The prophets of old spoke of God’s justice,

even when it was unwelcome. 

Who will hear their message?

We will listen and we will hear!

Responding to God’s call, Jesus traveled,

preaching and teaching all who would listen. 

Who will hear his message?

We will listen and we will hear!

Christ sent out disciples two by two,

to spread the good news in any place

that would welcome them.

Who will hear their message?

We will listen and we will hear!

God’s prophets are among us still,

around the world and in these pews.

Who will hear their message?

We will listen and we will hear!

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